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Minister of Lombardy Region Presence at the SIWW 2010

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS) hosted the First Regional Meeting of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, involving 11 countries from the Asia‐Pacific (APAC) and South Africa region. The Chambers held roundtable sessions and discussed possible collaborations on prospective projects.

A seminar on Italian Technology for Sustainable Development co‐chaired by 11 Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad was held in association with the Singapore International Water Week 2010. The seminar presented an overview and case studies relevant to sustainable development from the Asia‐Pacific and South Africa region.

The seminar was graced by the presence of Minister for Environment, Energy and Public Utilities for the Lombardy Region, Mr. Marcello Raimondi. During an interview with the media, Mr. Raimondi presented an outlook of the growing relations between Italy and Singapore. The growing relations was seen as a good opportunity to promote future collaborations for 2012 World Cities Summit (WCS) and 2011 Singapore International Water Week. Mr. Raimondi also shared his views of a possible participation of Singapore to the Milan EXPO 2015 which is entirely dedicated to environmental issues and sustainability.

Prominent guest speakers including a Professor from University of Pavia; Prof. Andrea Giuseppe had illustrated related topic case studies in front of an encouraging crowd of policymakers, leaders, experts and working practitioners.

Source: SIWW


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