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Flood Protection in Belgium With Homa Propeller Pumps

Homa propeller pumps type range “P641”

Reliable flood protection becomes more and more important, this is particular due to an increasing number of extreme and excessive rainfalls in many parts of the world, including Central Europe.

For example Burcht, a suburb of Antwerp, where the topographic situation does not allow any dewatering by the gravity sewer systems into the river Schelde at high river water levels.
This made it a perfect application for the new HOMA propeller type pumps to be installed.

To protect the area from flooding a new storm water pump station was built near the river Schelde.
HOMA supplied 4 units propeller pumps type range “P641” with a performance data of:
Max. Head: 7,5 m
Max. Flow: 4130 m³/h
Motor Power: 115 kW

Main feature of these axial flow pumps is a high efficiency at high flow and low heads.
With these characteristics the HOMA “P” range is the ideal solution for flood protection applications.

In the new pump station the propeller pumps were installed in steel pipes with an inner diameter of 1.000 mm.
The rainwater flows through the sewer system to the pump station, from where it is pumped into the river Schelde.

Picture: Homa propeller pumps type range “P641”

Source: Homa

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