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Hayward Tyler Fluid Handling Shines in Golden Year

Hayward Tyler Fluid Handling, a division of the Hayward Tyler Group, has continued to exhibit strong growth as it celebrates 50 years in business.

Driven by a number of new ‘green’ energy projects the company has either won or shipped the following contracts this year:

  • High-Temperature/High-Pressure Canned Motor Pumps for a Dutch waste to heat power plant which generates sustainable energy from waste material. The plant originally purchased pumps from HTFH back in 2005 and these pumps, along with the new ones, are used in the power plant’s reheater systems, between the first and second stage turbines, in order to reheat the steam and improve overall plant efficiency.

  • High-Temperature/High-Pressure Canned Motor Pumps, for demineralised feed water duties for a new Solar Energy Power Plant in Italy. The experimental new technology uses high temperature concentrating systems or “thermodynamic systems” to concentrate solar radiation by means of large mirrors. The heat is used to raise the temperature of an auxiliary molten salt fluid, which is then used to produce steam that is subsequently fed into a traditional thermal cycle. This plant is the first application worldwide of the integration of a gas-fired combined cycle power plant and a thermodynamic solar energy system.

  • Remote maintenance pumps for a major nuclear waste management site in the UK. The first of these replacement units has already been shipped.

Paul Noble, Managing Director, Fluid Handling stated “Despite difficult economic conditions this year we have exceeded our targets and achieved 100% on time delivery. Further we are excited to be involved in new ‘green’ energy projects and to be able to manufacture products that help to ensure a healthier environment.”

HTFH is located in East Kilbride, Scotland, and supplies specialist agitators and canned motor pumps for industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food & dairy, beverage & breweries and both the conventional & nuclear power industry.

Source: Hayward Tyler


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