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New Chem-Tech XPV Series by Pulsafeeder

Chem-Tech XPV Series Pump

The Chem-Tech XPV Series pump while being both rugged and reliable combines the best in variable speed peristaltic pump technology with state of the art control electronics, providing unparalleled performance, control and value.

The XPV represents the leading edge of microprocessor performance management, which allows a variety of choices of input signal types, and onboard timer programs to customize this pump to any application. The electronic management system matches the Variable Speed motor to the real-time dosing requirements as directed by a 4-20mA signal, Hall Effect or Dry Contact pulse input, External Stop or manual operation in Fixed Speed mode. The pump can even be programmed with a Cycle Timer to run automatically at set intervals, or with a Daily Timer to add chemical based on days of the week.

The large LCD Display allows for simple, intuitive program selections, and clearly displays operating parameters. The Flow Totalization menu accurately reports the volume of chemical pumped at the touch of a button.

Tubing Materials - Our standard Norprene tube material is available in Low Pressure ratings which offer extended tubing life, and High Pressure ratings to meet demanding system requirements. The optional Fluran material tubing offers greater chemical resistance.

The Chem-Tech XPV Series offers Duplex Head Models which utilize two pump heads to deliver twice the flow, or the rated flow of two different chemicals simultaneously.

Picture: Chem-Tech XPV Series Pump

Source: Pulsafeeder


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