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New Range of Pumps Launched by Saer

SAER presents a new range of bareshaft pumps for sewage and waste water. The NCA series can be used for the processing of domestic and industrial waste water, sewage water, viscous and corrosive liquids, liquids with fibrous and solid substances.

New Series For Swimming Pool Pump
SAER uploads the swimming pool range. The previous series KP has been substituted by new models: KPO and KPW series. Moreover two new series are proposed: KSM series for high deliveries and KSC for swimming against the tide. The KS series won’t be produced any longer.

New Series of Motor CL and CLE
The market of 4” submersible motors has become quite difficult to be interpreted today.
Technical and quality characteristics of the product are often not taken into account and price has become the only issue to be considered, as if there were no costs in taking out a submersible pump from a depth of 100m.

SAER, after completing the range of water filled motors up to 400 HP, has considered the production of a range of 4” oil filled motors, with top quality characteristics, to be appropriate. The range includes motors from 0,5HP to 10 HP; axial thrust is of 3000 N up to 3 HP and 6500 N up to 3R HP; maximum operation temperature is 50°C; all components are of European manufacturing and, thus, have an historically strong reliability.
Unfortunately, Saer often notices that its product is compared with motors of equal power but with much inferior performances. The characteristics of such motors are the following:

  • Temperature inferior to 80/85°C

  • Maximum axial thrust of 1500 N up to 3 HP

  • Materials of brands whose name is not well known with respect to quality

These features do not allow the motor to overcome all critical situations such as fall of tension nor let one judge with precision what is the axial thrust that the bearings needs to have.
In order to allow its customers to choose also with SAER a more competitive product Saer developed a more economical motor, with components of the same high quality but with more limited characteristics: this is the “CLE” series, with internal temperature 80/85°C and axial thrust of 1500 N.
After one year of serial tests Saer can assure to customers a product of top reliability and with a very interesting price/quality ratio.

Source: Saer

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