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“Inc. Magazine” Recognizes Moving Water Industries As An “Extraordinary Entrepreneur”

In an article entitled “Blue is the New Green” in the November 2008 issue of “Inc. Magazine”, Moving Water Industries was recognized as one of eleven “extraordinary entrepreneurs who are creating radical change at every step of the way” and...

...“finding opportunity in the largest emerging market the world has seen in some time”, in the emerging water economy:

“Moving Water Industries, an 82-year-old, family-owned manufacturer of water pumps based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, has been selling portable pumps for irrigation and flood protection in Nigeria for more than 30 years. But its mission in Africa has taken on a new focus: addressing the problem of safe drinking water in rural villages. The company s solution is the SolarPedalflo, a solar- and pedal-powered pump that can provide filtered and chlorinated water for thousands of people a day -- three to four times the amount that can be produced from a borehole equipped with a hand pump. Each unit costs about $15,000.
Working with local governments, nongovernmental organizations, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, MWI has been able to install hundreds of the pumps in 12 African countries. The company is just introducing the technology in Central and South America and has one unit installed in the Philippines. With the hopes of speeding adaptation in Africa, it is in discussions with Green WiFi, a U.S.-based volunteer group that is working to install solar-powered Wi-Fi networks in the developing world. Together, the companies would be able to offer a compelling infrastructure two-for-one: clean water and Internet access powered by the same set of solar panels. William Bucknam, MWI s vice president and point man in Africa, hopes that pressure to meet the U.N. s Millennium Development Goals -- decreasing the number of people without access to safe drinking water by half by 2015 -- will encourage more of the public-private partnerships that will be needed for the technology to spread. "It s a huge problem," he says, ‘and we believe we have the answer’."

In Sub-Saharan Africa a child dies every ten seconds from the effects of drinking contaminated water and anti-retroviral drugs taken by those infected with HIV/AIDS are totally ineffective. Hand pumps are an antique technology and do not provide a solution since, according to World Bank studies, they are broken down and useless 40-60 percent of the time. Even when they are operable they still do not pump “safe” water. The MWI SolarPedalflo filters the water it pumps down to one micron, virtually eliminating all waterborne contaminants and the storage of the water supply in an overhead tank prevents the intrusion of airborne contaminants. In short, the MWI SolarPedalflo will provide an entire village with a continuous and reliable source of truly “safe” drinking water that will improve the health of everyone and eliminate the time that women and children now waste with their daily trek to and from a contaminated water source.

About Moving Water Industries:
In addition to being the sole manufacturer of its patented SolarPedalflo technology, Moving Water Industries is an industry leader in the manufacture, sale and rental of pumps for flood control, drainage, municipal use, construction dewatering, sewage bypass, mining and general industrial use.

Source: Moving Water Industries


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