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Plastic, Leak-Free Pumps For Pumping Hazardous Liquids

Michael Smith Engineers

A new range of plastic magnet-drive centrifugal pumps which are designed for use in the most corrosive and challenging environments, have recently been introduced by pump specialists Michael Smith Engineers.

The Finnish Thompson DB Series of leak-free pumps comprises eight new models which are available in a choice of either polypropylene or PVDF and provide flows up to 27m3/hr and heads up to 27 metres.

As a result of the non-metallic materials used for both the housing and all the key wetted components, they are ideal for pumping corrosive liquids in chemical manufacturing, metal plating, surface treatment, wastewater treatment, electronics manufacture or wherever hazardous liquids need to be transferred safely and efficiently. They are available in a close-coupled design configuration for optimum magnet alignment and provide extended dry-running capability when specified with a carbon bushing and are therefore protected from system upsets.

Other features and benefits include; high operating efficiency resulting in lower energy consumption, improved hydraulic coverage for both 50 and 60 Hz operation, with evenly spaced impeller trims enabling duty points to be precisely met and a two-piece impeller design which allows the impeller or inner drive magnet to be individually replaced.

Also, the DB Series pumps offer high working pressure capability which means fluids with a high specific gravity can be easily pumped without the need for impeller trimming.
The pumps are designed for either horizontal or vertical installation (vertical when equipped with an IEC motor), they have a maximum operating temperature of 180F (82C) for the polypropylene model and 220F (104C) for the PVDF option.

Picture: Michael Smith Engineers

Source: Michael Smith Engineers


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