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New Smart Pressure Boosting System

Smart Hyamat VP PumpDrive pressure boosting systems come with two to six high-pressure pumps (photo: KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal).

One of the highlights of the KSB booth at the ISH trade fair will be the new Hyamat VP PumpDrive pressure boosting system. Motor-mounted frequency inverters allow the speed to be varied continuously to match actual demand and to supply water at a constant pressure irrespective of the flow rate.

The smart pressure booster sets are standard equipped with a large display unit on which important system data, like the number of operating hours and system pressure, are displayed in plain text messages. To commission the system, all the user has to do is key in the required data one after the other. Adjusting the data to suit altered operating conditions at a later date is just as easy. Each parameter is linked to a help text which gives a detailed description of its function. The system setpoint can be varied as a function of the time of day. The sensors themselves are also monitored. Should they fail, the system will trigger an error message and switch over to a pre-set emergency mode.

Same as on a modern motor vehicle, the user is informed about the next maintenance interval, so that he can arrange for the system to be serviced. The system automatically changes pumps upon start-up to ensure an even distribution of pump operating hours. Regular test runs (daily or weekly, as required) prevent impellers and shafts from seizing up and maintain the systemís operational availability even in periods of prolonged standstill.

If flow rates fluctuate considerably, the so-called "dynamic pressure compensation" function will keep the pressure supplied to the consumer installations con¨stant. This is achieved by taking the pipe friction losses into account for the setpoints. In the event of a pipe burst in the building the control unit will register that the set pressure is not attained, although all pumps are running, and will respond by switching the pressure booster set off. This helps avoid possible damage to other parts of the overall installation. By the end of 2007, the new system will be bus-compatible and support the LON, Modbus and Profibus transfer protocols.

The new systems will come on the market with between two and six high-quality, corrosion-resistant high-pressure pumps, each equipped with the new variable speed PumpDrive. Soft starting and stopping of the system reduces the risk of surge pressures and sudden valve closures. The reduced frequency of starts eases the load on the pumps and reduces wear and tear.

The new systems meet the requirements of ACS, the French drinking water regulations, and are designed for flow rates of up to 450 cubic meters per hour. The maximum head is around 160 meters. Whenever necessary, the stand-by pump can be started up to meet peak load demand. The maximum system dis¨charge pressure is approximately 16 bar; the maximum permissible inlet must not exceed 10 bar. All systems supplied by the Frankenthal-based pump manufacturer have been adjusted and tested before leaving the factory.

Picture: Smart Hyamat VP PumpDrive pressure boosting systems come with two to six high-pressure pumps (photo: KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal).


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