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Simaco Elettromeccanica with Wide Product Range

Simaco Elettromeccanica was founded in the 1960s and since then has improved its knowledge, becoming leaders in fluid moving technology.

Over the years and increasing technology Simaco has been able to enlarge the range of its offer, with significant presence on international markets, in various fields offering high quality and high level of reliability.

Industry: Simaco's offer of electric pumps, coolers and accessories needed for any cooling circuits together with centrifugal pumps for civil construction is highly qualified:

  • VERTICAL and PERIPHERIC/CENTRIFUGAL pumps in bronze for cooling systems and thermoregulation systems, for liquids up to 90°C and 180°C.

  • PERIPHERIC/CENTRIFUGAL pumps in stainless steel, for applications with demineralised waters, for reverse-osmosis, microcirculation, cooling systems, laser marking, etc

  • VERTICAL pumps and PNEUMATIC DIAPGHRAGM pumps for the circulation and mixture of viscous liquids such as inks, glues, paints, up to 80°C

  • COOLING SYSTEMS for several industrial applications

Whirlpool:Simaco offers a first-class pump range for Whirlpool Baths and Spas. Self-draining pumps and air blowers are recommended for their high reliability, and quality of performance; maximum safety is also guaranteed. They also stand out for easy maintenance and repair.

Pumps for swimming pools: There is a new range of pumps available with pre-filters for the water filtration in swimming pools from 12 m3 up to 20 m3.

Sewage and gardening and domestic submersible pumps:. The company can offer an extrememly wide range of submersible and draining pumps made of polypropylene, stainless steel or cast-iron. They can be used in domestic applications, in agriculture and civil construction.
  • SUBMERSIBLE PUMP in polypropylene for drainage of clear waters, for cellars, drainage pits, ponds, private houses and gardens. Own patent for a special automatic float device

  • MULTI-STAGE SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS in stainless steel for 5” wells, for clean water from 600W to 1200W

  • SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS in cast-iron for dirty waters for agricultural and construction

Simaco Elettromeccanica

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