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The Art of Pumping Thick, Viscous “Fluids”

The art of pumping thick, viscous ‘fluids’ such as pastes, gels, syrups, oils and greases from barrels and drums quickly and efficiently, depends on a high performance drum pump. This is why Finish Thompson developed their HVDP pump, which is available through MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS.

The HVDP (high viscosity drum pump) is driven by a powerful 800W motor which ensures optimum pumping performance with smooth, non-pulsating flows, even when the ‘fluid’ is thick and viscous, for example up to 100,000 cps.

This positive displacement pump has a progressive cavity design which incorporates a rotor inside a stator. The rotor resembles a single threaded screw that turns inside the double threaded stator. As the rotor ‘rotates’, one cavity diminishes while another is created, displacing liquid up the drum pump tube in a smooth, non-pulsating flow. This contributes towards the pump’s energy-saving characteristics because it enables HVDP pumps to operate with smaller motors, even when pumping very viscous fluids.

The HVDP pump is designed to handle liquids with viscosities up to 20,000 cP, at flow rates up to 32 lit/min, heads up to 91 metres and is suitable for handling liquids with a maximum temperature of 82ºC.

This model features heavy duty 316SS tube construction in lengths of 70cm, 100cm and 120cm and also a camlock feature enabling the pump to be disassembled quickly and easily without the need for tools. Powerful new 800W universal, variable speed motors provide precise adjustment of fluid flow with speed regulator and are available with the HVDP and PF Series of drum / barrel emptying pumps.

Typical applications for HVDP pumps will be found in the chemical, cosmetic, food and coating industries, transferring liquids such as adhesives, pastes, oils, greases, soaps, creams, honey, syrups, paints and waxes.

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