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Hidro-Mix Sludge Tank Mixing

(Source: Hidrostal Ltd.)

The HIDRO-MIX Sludge tank mixing system from Hidrostal Ltd is the reliable alternative to conventional submersible, side entry and gas mixing systems.

The HIDRO-MIX Sludge tank mixing system is built upon the Hidrostal screw centrifugal pump, renowned for its rag and sludge handling capabilities, and replaces the traditional methods of mixing sludge storage tanks and anaerobic sludge digesters. Unlike other mixing systems, the Hidrostal concept does not require structural steelwork within the tank. The system is mounted at ground level and fixed to the outside of the tank. Large diameter nozzles are installed externally through the tank walls. The systems have simple pipe work designs with short pipe runs, resulting in minimal friction losses and the maximum energy imparted to the fluid.

Every Hidrostal mixing installation is a bespoke design that takes into account the sludge characteristics and the geometry of the tank. Proposals can be based on computational fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses to ensure that the pump and nozzle locations are optimised, suction points are positioned to draw sludge from dead areas and discharge points are positioned to promote the most effective circulation.

There are already many successful installations in the UK in:

Severn Trent Water
United Utilities Welsh Water
United Utilities North West Water
Thames Water
South West Water
Anglian Water
Yorkshire Water

Picture: (Source: Hidrostal Ltd.)

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