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ABS introduces the new NOPOL® O.K.I. 2000 aerators for “MBR”

ABS Nopon Oy Ltd announces the introduction of innovative new models to the NOPOL O.K.I. aerator mixer range. NOPOL O.K.I. 2000 represents an optimum design and offers an excellent oxygen transfer rate and aeration efficiency.

The new NOPOL O.K.I. 2000 aerators are particularly suitable for Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) processes.

NOPOL® O.K.I. 2000 aerator with its submersible gear motor offers high flow rate/mixing, high oxygen transfer rate and airflow capacity. The unbeatable performances of the NOPOL® O.K.I. 2000 aerator mixer also make it the perfect solution to aeration problems in heavy loaded plants, anoxic/aerobic and SBR applications.

The new series is a natural choice for industrial and municipal applications. The submersible gear motor guarantees constant performance and long lasting operating life, minimising the maintenance costs. The benefits can be summarised as:

  • Very high process efficiency
  • Oxygen transfer adjustable 0-100%
  • High pumping capacity
  • Non clogging
  • Steady alpha factor
  • Lifetime sustainable high aeration efficiency
  • Designed for heavy duty and intermittent processes
  • Easy and quick installation without emptying the tank
  • Liftable system
  • No air cooling in deep tanks

For pure mixing processes, the unit can work without air as a mixer. The new models with these features are:

NOPOL®O.K.I. 2000-15AM
NOPOL®O.K.I. 2000-22AM
NOPOL®O.K.I. 2000-30AM
NOPOL®O.K.I. 2000-37AM

The stator and the rotor are made of AISI 316 steel, the frame of carbon steel, the gear and the motor are made of cast iron. The frame and the geared motor are painted with epoxy paint with the highest anticorrosive category and durability range.

Technical specifications
Height : 1940 mm
Diameter : 2250 mm
Rated motor power : 15-37 kW
Installation depth : 4-20 m
SOTR : 0-420 kg O2/h
Air flow rate 2000 series : 0-3000 m3/hr/aerator

The NOPOL O.K.I. 2000 new unit widens the choice of aeration solutions offered by ABS Nopon and completes the existing NOPOL OKI 1000 family.

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