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Efficient Miniature Pump with Clip Technology

(Source: Rietschle Thomas)

ASF Thomas new 2003 V miniature diaphragm pump is not only small and lightweight, but highly efficient as well. The pump assembly is based on clip technology, thus realizing constant performance parameters. In addition, ASF Thomas offers the oil- and maintenance-free pump at a very competitive price.

Despite only weighing 40 grams, the 2003 V miniature pump nevertheless achieves a relative vacuum of 750 mbar and a free flow of up to 2,3 liters per minute. The pump can be operated at different voltages ranging from 4,5 to 9,0 volts. Next to its competitive pricing the 2003 V is also a money saver due to its low current consumption. Since the pumphead is assembled with clip technology, the 2003 V series is characterized by good performance repeatability.

Typical applications for this diaphragm pump are in the medical and industrial field as well as laboratory and analytical testing (for example the evacuation, aspiration or pumping of gasses).

Picture: (Source: Rietschle Thomas)

Rietschle Thomas