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New Products: The Future in 5 Ranges

Over the next few months, ESPA plans to unveil a large number of new products which will consolidate the reorganisation process and the expansion of ranges, so as to cover all current market needs.

The new commercial orientation focuses, generally, on the classification of specific ranges for each segment, based on a global, modern and integrated concept in line with current expectations.

Building & Services, Pool & Spas, Garden & House, Rainwater and Systems are the names ESPA has given to its different product ranges, many of which are already available on the market, although, as already mentioned, new products will be unveiled throughout 2002 and 2003, and are already at advanced stages of production.
Building & Services encompasses the sub-ranges of submersible, multi-cellular and drainage pumps, which have their respective applications for pressurisation, irrigation and water pumping. This is a wholly professional range, including pumps with a consolidated position on the market, such as the Acuaria, Neptun, Saturn, Prisma, Aspri, Multi or Press-Line, an which will be increased significantly when new versions of these pumps appear and, above all, with the launching of 100% new products.

Recognised and new products
Pool & Spas is the range of surface pumps for swimming pools and hydromassage baths which, as with the previous range, will also be completed with new models for the popular series of Iris and Silen pumps, and will also include new products for swimming against the current or automatic floor cleaners for pools and aquariums.
Garden & House is another of Espa's new ranges, focusing on pumps for domestic use with a professional profile. This is one of the ranges with the most new products in Espa's catalogue, with projects which will become available during the first quarter of 2002.

The growing interest which has been detected in the rainwater sector has led to the creation of our Rainwater range, where the classic Prima B and Aspri B products will co-exist along side the new pumps with their state-of-the art conception and performances.
The new commercial direction adopted by Espa also includes the Systems range which includes individual and collective pressure pumps, modular rainwater systems and modular waste water systems.


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