Performance curves

Affinity Laws
The affinity laws lay down the relationship between hydraulic characteristics and rotational speed of centrifugal pumps.

Best Efficiency Point (BEP)
The Best Efficiency Point (BEP) is the point H(Q), where a centrifugal pump operates at maximum efficiency.

Calculating the System H-Q Curve
The system H-Q curve depicts the dependency of the Total Head HA on the Flow Q.

Curve Corrections for Different Fluids
Pump curves are mostly established for water.

Impeller Trimming
Impeller trimming means the reduction of the impeller diameter to adjust the pump performance to the duty point.

Pump H-Q Curve
The pumping performance of a centrifugal pump is expressed in the form of an H-Q curve, depicting the Flow Q (e.g. in m/h) and the Head H (e.g. in m) of the pump.


Pump Performance Chart
The pump performance chart is a summarized diagram containing multiple pump performance curves.

Pump Performance Curve
Characteristic curves of a centrifugal pump in dependence of the flow Q.

System Curve
The system H-Q curve is essentially a parabolic curve representing the relation between the Head HA required to handle the respective rate of Flow within a pipe system.